Ac Delray Youth Soccer Club

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Below are our general FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). For more information please contact us at nick@delrayac.com.

When are tryouts held?

Tryouts for AC Delray teams will be held on May 5th -16th, 2019. Players can be permitted to attend team practices prior to tryouts if they are not registered to another club, or if registered to another club they would need to either be officially "released" from their club prior to contacting us, or we must receive written permission from their Club’s Director of Coaching to attend a practice.  If you have further questions regarding practicing with a team please contact Nick Hindhaugh at nick@delrayac.com.

Where are the tryouts?

Tryouts will take place at Hilltoppper Stadium at Seacrest Soccer Complex, 2505 Seacrest Blvd, Delray Beach. Please check our website and hotline for weather details.  If tryouts are canceled or delayed the Hotline will be updated accordingly. 

Do I need to register for tryouts?

Yes, you must register with AC Delray online prior to tryouts.  If you are unable to register please contact Nick at nick@delrayac.com.

Are tryouts open to all boys & girls?

Yes, tryouts for each team are open to all boys & girls of the correct age.

My child is not currently registered with AC Delray. Does he/she have to attend all tryout dates?

The more tryout sessions you can attend the more opportunities your child has to be seen playing with the current team that will continue in the year ahead. This also gives the Coach, Director of Coaching, and Technical Staff more time to carefully evaluate your child. Every season there may be a few players who miss tryouts due to injury or relocation etc. that are added to a roster before practice officially starts.

Which team does my child tryout for?

 Tryout age groups.

U08 Birth Year 2011

U09 Birth Year 2010

U10 Birth Year 2009

U11 Birth Year 2008

U12 Birth Year 2007

U13 Birth Year 2006

U14 Birth Year 2005

U15 Birth Year 2004

U16 Birth Year 2003

U17 Birth Year 2002

U18 Birth Year 2001

U19 Birth Year 2000